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For Arid Loving Plants such as, Alpine, Cactus, Succulent, & Mediterranean PlantsIt took over 2 years to develop this potting mix. It is guaranteed to be the best Succulent and Cactus Mix in Greater Victoria. It contains 75% drainage matter to 25% brown matter (water-holding matter). It also contains;--Worm Castings are brown matter that is broken down well enough plants can easily use it and contains beneficial soil microorganisms.--Leonardite with up to 85% humic acids are organic matter that is broken down over thousands of millenniums. Prevents leaching of water-soluble fertilizer, so you can use less. Stimulates root formation, root growth, plant growth and beneficial microorganisms on plant roots and in the soil.--Beneficial Microorganism to help root and plant growth, roots access nutrient otherwise too hard for the plant to use, and break down organic and inorganic (rocky) matter in the potting medium (soil).

Arid Complete Potting Mix

SKU: 90001

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